About us

There is no word in English for chic. Why should there be? Everything chic is by legend French. Perhaps everything chic is in reality French.

– Elizabeth Hawes

The French woman

The French woman in her natural habitat is a sight to behold. From her impossibly elegant but never fussy look to the way that she makes even a quick trip to the marché appear fabulous. Is it how she pairs a bold necklace with her husband's t‑shirt or slaps an oversized watch on a sun‑kissed wrist? Pins a glitzy brooch to her biker jacket or uses her sunglasses as a hair band? Or possibly it is her je ne sais quoi and joie de vivre that make women around the world envy her, covet her, aspire to be her.

She is not indiscriminate when it comes to what she wears and it shows - only the best of the best will do. Her fashion style reflects who she is and how she wants others to perceive her.

She is not trying to achieve perfection – she uses fashion to celebrate her uniqueness and her unconventionality (be it strong jaw or gappy smile) – fashion empowers her to be herself.

Our collection of handpicked pieces

The Rue Pigalle collection of handpicked pieces from European designers provides the necessities to achieve and celebrate your own style. The intimate private boutique setting features clothing, jewelry and accessories that are true objets d'art – they are exclusive to Rue Pigalle in Canada and represent the pinnacle of quality and beauty.

In order to find these gems, I am always in shopping mode - everywhere that I go, anyone that I meet, everything that I see, it's always with my antennae up. I devote my time to finding designers with exceptional skills who craft extraordinary pieces unlike anything else out there. I travel to meet with them and visit their ateliers so that I can experience their artistry firsthand and gain a deeper understanding of what they do.

Isabelle Fish, Founder

When you visit Rue Pigalle, my goal is to truly understand your style, your preferences, everything that makes you so unique. I am then able to present you with beautiful pieces that have been selected to reflect your tastes.

Over time, you will build a wardrobe of wonderfully personal items that command a second glance - after all, there is something magnetic about a woman who wears her style confidently.