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Introducing OlgaJeanne

OlgaJeanne woven ribbons provoke the same frisson as traditional gemstones and shiny metals which we have come to expect when we think of jewelry. I find it fascinating how a subtle variation in the weave of the ribbon (soutache or gros grain) impacts the mechanical movement of the necklace, its harmony with the body.  OlgaJeanne style exudes boldness but in a “quiet luxury” way. It takes you ever so slightly outside the comfort zone of deja vue, safe fashion. It allows one to experiment and innovate while remaining sophisticated.

Olga and Jeanne – Sophie Baillet’s grandmothers. Sophie loves the world of textile, and its infinity of colors, textures and shapes. She is moved by its fragility - a metaphor for our bond with other human beings: ephemeral, yet precious. A graduate of the Studio Bercot in Paris, Sophie worked for luxury houses before launching her own collection. She has exacting standards of detail, balance and finesse. 

Each piece of OlgaJeanne jewelry is handmade in Marseille (France) in limited numbered editions. 

SOUTACHE: A narrow braid with herringbone pattern intricately woven. Traditionally used to make military uniform decorations. 
GROS-GRAIN: A flat ribbon with distinct transverse ribs. Traditionally used in millinery, or to hide finishing details inside garments in Couture.

The OlgaJeanne Collection

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