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Introducing Isabelle Michel

Isabelle Michel’s jewelry is deceptively simple. A clean, bold style is the first impression. But a careful look reveals the perfect balance of the pendulum, the complex weave of the chain, the mix of materials. A vintage Hermes cabochon here, a paper-clip neck chain there, the rounded edge of a disc or the ombre of a cornelite stone – all is subtle and nuanced.

Isabelle is at the image of her collections. Tall and slender, with short hair and a preference for a decluttered look. The poetry and nuance reveal themselves when she speaks. A soft voice, almost husky. Words delicately spoken from the front of the mouth and carefully chosen to share her love of French fashion. Her strong artist hands move in unison with her words, gracefully emphasising a point about color or stance, gently pressing your arm when sharing her passion for Yves Saint Laurent or the glamour of the fifties. Hands that she dresses often in one of the 200 pairs of gloves from her private collection.

A graduate of the Academie Charpentier in Paris, her creative process is meticulous and complex: each piece evolves from a doodle to a precise specs drawing; then a sample, worked and reworked until flawless balance is achieved and the final objet can be created in her Paris atelier.


The Isabelle Michel Collection

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