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Introducing Helene Prime

If I was to use one adjective to characterize Helene Prime, it would be “exotic”. Exotic prints in the wide leg trousers she wears, exotic materials in her jewelry, exotic colors in her apartment. She exudes strength, happiness, passion for her work, feminine warmth.

Drawing for inspiration on her years as an architecte d’interieur, she started her jewelry collection 3 years ago. Cuffs in Zebu horn or lamb skin, bejewelled with Malachites, Cornalines or other semi-precious stones from far away countries are the epicentre of her collection. Her color association is extremely pleasing and surprising at the same time – the vein and shades of her horn cuffs have a rarely seen intensity; for sure there is some African sun trapped in there.

And yet, the round or oval cabochon of semi precious stones imbue the collection with a definite classicism, a true Parisian elegance that elevates your daily life.

Helene seems to favour the colors of water – aqua, deep blues, verdigris is ever so present in her necklaces and earrings. Maybe the influence of the beaches of Brittany where she retreats with her family to resource herself, far from the exciting (but exhausting) Paris life?

I was once told that stones have their own spirituality to which we should pay attention. Whether it is true is a matter for debate, but one cannot contest the fact that Helene’s jewelry exude femininity, joie de vivre, warmth. And those are all spiritual emotions no?

The Helene Prime Collection

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