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Introducing Centopercentocachemire

If fashion is your calling and your passion is knitting and crocheting, it’s probably going to be a tough ride. Unless you are from Italy because the world over knows that Italian people like their fashion luxurious, exuberant, innovative and of the highest quality – in other words, Glorious.

Annabella Santese gets all this – her purpose is specifically to blend traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic.

She imagines jewelry in “knitted” bronze, cashmere wrapped pearls, rubber and crystals composite. She gathers materials from the 4 corners of the country – cashmere from Biella, bronze from Arezzo, Silk from Como. Her knitters and metal Smithers have learned their craft at the best schools or from their grandmothers, in the pure artisanal tradition of a country that reveres fashion.

Owning Annabella’s jewelry is a little bit like inviting Sophia, Gina, Claudia, Isabella or Monica in your closet – it makes you feel just as feminine, strong and elegant as they are.  

The Centopercentocachemire Collection

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